Note For Borland C++ / C++ Builder Users


Known problems


  • This release is known to have problems with BC 5.0x. Directory STLport/BC50/ contains some extra files Borland C++ 5.x expects to see on the path. Make sure you put STLport/BC50 in
    your search path before STLport main directory. The problems still persist with <string>, so BC50 is configured to use native one. You may face other problems with 5.0. Please direct your bug reports and workarounds to the Forum.
  • This release should work out-of-the box for Borland C++ Builder 4. Builder 3 may require some configuration adjustments to enable features added in BCB 3. You may also utilize <iostream.h> wrapper in stlport/BCB directory to compile programs using old-style header.
  • With 5.0, you may also encounter problems with too long symbols when compiling with debug information. To handle this, try defining _STLP_USE_ABBREVS in stlcomp.h.
  • If your program is multi-threaded, be sure to define macro _REENTRANT for proper synchronization (if you are using SGI node allocator. If you are using new_alloc or malloc_alloc, you won't need that).
  • You may encounter problems using new-style BC++ 5.0 <iostream> in mix with SGI STL <string>, <stdexcept> without defining _STLP_USE_OWN_NAMESPACE.

Migration notes

You should experience no other problems migrating from BC++ STL to SGI STL.
Default allocator<T> in this adaptation should be fully functional.


Versions prior to 4.52

Borland C++ versions older than 4.52 have not been tested. Probably it would work with 4.50-4.51.

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