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STLport Features: STLport is a multiplatform ANSI C++ Standard Library implementation. It is free, open-source product, featuring the following:
  • Advanced techniques and optimizations for maximum efficiency
  • Exception safety and thread safety
  • Important extensions - hash tables, singly-linked list, rope

Portability: With STLport, you rely on uniform solid code base for all compilers used in the project. Here is a list of compilers supported by STLport. Started as a one-person effort in 1997, it has now become, with the help of numerous contributors, an excellent choice for multiplatform projects. You may learn more about STLport story here.
STLport Distinction: STLport works on any platform possible and  proves itself as a seamless drop-in for modern production environments. Not only that - it also offers important functionality not provided by any other standard library vendor:
  • Debug mode: "Safe iterators" and preconditions with rigorous runtime validity checking.
  • Immediately reports STL bugs undetectable otherwise.
  • Wide range of configuration knobs to fit particular requirements of your project, including use in embedded systems, such as vxWorks or Windows CE.

Free Commercial Use: There are absolutely no restrictions on STLport use in commercial projects, and no royalties are involved. There is no GPL. Please read your free license for details.
Product Support:
  • There is a range of support options to keep your thrilling STLport experience secure throughout the course of your project:
  • To get fast information, please visit the STLport Forums. You can search its knowledge base or ask your question there (this is free).
  • Expert support is available on hourly basis directly from Boris Fomitchev (STLport Coordinator) and lead contributors.

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