Note for DEC CXX users

Known problems


DEC CXX require explicit template notation such as template_class<Param> where most others (conformant) accept just template_class (inside template method bodies, etc):

template <class Param> class template_class {
template_class foo() ; // error for DEC
template_class<Param> foo() // OK

That is being worked around in this adaptation, but may cause problems when porting template code from other platforms. Use the same name of formal parameter : Param in all method's outside definitions.


Repository handling of this compiler is imperfect, so you may experience various problems on link stage. Linker problems problems are generally of two kinds : unresolved symbols and duplicate symbols. The latter problem was never reported to occur with DEC CXX. The problem with undefined symbols is also may require manual intervention. General rule is : if you get "unresolved symbol" errors, explicit instantiation will most likely help, for example:

__default_alloc_template<0, 0>::allocate(unsigned long)
__default_alloc_template<0, 0>::deallocate(void*, unsigned long) >

To work around this problem, just instantiate __alloc<0,0> explicitly in some module:

template class __default_alloc_template<0,0>;

Another way to solve this problem may be use of -pts compiler option, but I'm not sure it works in all cases.

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