Note for Apple MPW users

Tsutomu Yoshida
Minokamo, Japan


For the installation of STLport package, please follow the instruction contained in "ReadMe.MPW" located in "test:regression:" folder. The MPW shell scripts embedded in this document will set up the shell variable "{STL}" which points to the main STLport package folder "stlport:". A small MPW shell script named "!STL_Folder_SetUp" will be placed in "{MPW}StartUp Items:" so that this "{STL}" will be automatically reestablished at the subsequent MPW startups. The script also set up an alias to MPW's "{CIncludes}" at the same level as "stlport:" which is used to look up the native C headers refered from STLport.

The installation script will build and install stlport library binary which contains iostreams code and other commonly used class binaries. The library binaries are stored in "{STL}:lib:" folder with the names:

  • "STLportLib.68K.DBG.o" : 68K (SCpp) with debugging code
  • "STLportLib.68K.o" : 68K (SCpp) without debugging code
  • "STLportLib.PPC.DBG.o" : PPC (MrCpp) with debugging code
  • "STLportLib.PPC.o" : PPC (MrCpp) without debugging code

For the sample setup of makefile utilizing STLport and accompanying library binary, please refer to:
  • "{STL}:src:MrCpp.mak"
  • "{STL}:test:regression:MrCpp.mak"
  • "{STL}:src:SCpp.mak"
  • "{STL}:test:regression:SCpp.mak"

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