Getting Started: Installing STLport


To get STLport, please visit download page at It provides STLport releases from 2.x to the latest one as well as beta snapshots. If you are interested in contributing to STLport development, please take a look at Early Access page.


After downloading STLport-XXX.tar.gz [zip],  unpack it to some place where it is going to be accesible for all compilers you plan to use with this installation.
Note : Never overwrite header files that come with the compiler, even if you made a backup - this won't work! Also, please make sure you do not rename this "stlport" subdirectory into anything else - that may render installation unusable.

Setup Preferences

Look through <stl/_site_config.h> and <stl_user_config.h> to adjust preferences.

Do NOT attempt to run "configure" script! It is deprecated, moved to safe standalone folder and should be used as a helper to create initial config for a new compiler only. Your compiler should be auto-recognized. Please edit appropriate configuration header for your compiler directly if you have to make small compiler-specific configuration changes.

Only if you recieve error message during compilation which explicitly says "Your compiler version is not recognized by STLport", you will have to do major configuration of STLport before use. To learn how to configure STLport, please read configuration manual.

Please be sure to read about STLport iostreams modes and select the one appropriate for your project before using the library.

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