Compiling Your Project with STLport

Please make sure "stlport" directory containing header files is the first one in your include search path when you compile the project

Note: for SunPro CC 5.0 and higher, there is special directory "stlport/SC5" to be set in search path due to specific SUNpro search rules)

Special Notes for STLport as a dynamic library

When using STLport as a dynamic library, please make sure you put in the PATH and distribute it together with your executable. This extra dependency is certainly in favor of using static linking. However, if your project deploys any Win DLL's using STLport, you have to use STLport as Win DLL, too. This is because it contains some static variables (like cerr stream) which would otherwise be duplicated in every DLL. This problem does not arise in Unix world.

[ Visual C++ specific ] If using STLport as DLL, please be sure to use /MD[d] compiler option to pick up all dynamic libraries.

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